International Institute for Scientific and academic Collaboration, Inc. (IISAC) is publishing a history making book on Kerala studies. The International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration (IISAC) has been working with professors and experts from all over the globe to put together a book on Kerala called “An Introduction to Kerala Studies”. This book will serve as an undergraduate text book for college students and as a reference book for Malayalee Diaspora all over the world.

IISAC is a non-profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA for promoting cultural understanding, international education, faculty-led programs, experiential learning, youth enrichment activities and international research for molding a generation of students who will be successful in the liberalized 21st century global society.

Book Description

Introduction to Kerala Studies’ is a reference book for those interested to learn more about Kerala, a region in the southwestern tip of India with enchanting beauty, magical biodiversity, magnificent culture and an intriguing developmental trajectory. The book provides college aged Malayali Diaspora, undergraduate students of foreign universities, and the degree students of universities in Kerala, professors of South Asian Studies and education tour operators direct access to Kerala society and culture. After an introductory section on Kerala, the covers wider subject areas such as Geography, History, Religion, Political Economy, Anthropology, Arts, Literature, Sociology, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Wildlife, Fisheries and Floristic Wealth. The book is organized in thirteen general sections with 87 chapters. The chapters in each section are organized from introductory to advanced levels to cater to the readers from diverse backgrounds. This pioneering book is the attempt to bring Kerala to the academic arena which can serve as a reference book for semester and faculty-led programs of foreign universities in Kerala, and also to promote root tourism for Malayali Diaspora. Edited by eminent professors and contributed by 106 scholars of Kerala studies, this book of 1400 pages in two volumes is a contribution of IISAC to the current and future generations.


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