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The Book on Kerala ‘Introduction to Kerala Studies’ is a text book cum reference book for those interested to learn more about Kerala. This book provides college aged Malayali Diaspora, undergraduate students of US Universities, professors of South Asian Studies and education tour operators’ direct access to Kerala society and culture. After an introductory section on Kerala, the book covers wider subject areas. They include biodiversity, agriculture, wildlife, fisheries, floristic wealth, history, politics, economics, religions, arts, culture, sociology and anthropology. The book is organized in thirteen general sections, and chapters in each section. The chapters are graded introductory, intermediate and advanced to satisfy the readers from various backgrounds. This pioneering book is the first attempt to bring Kerala to the world in an intellectual way to initiate semester and faculty-led programs with US and Canadian universities. Edited by eminent professors and contributed by close to 100 scholars of Kerala studies, this book of 1300 pages in two volumes is a contribution of IISAC to the current and future generations.


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